Thursday, September 4, 2008

Word Count

I put Chase's word count in his 18 mo. checkup post but then today I remembered others and he said some new ones today too (baby, sun) so I'm going to put them up here for both he and Summer just so I can keep track which I need to do for the therapists, doctors.

8 animal sounds (lion, cow, kitty, sheep, goat, horse, duck, monkey)
Words: Mama, Dada, Kye, Itty (Sissy), Buck, Bri Bri (Skye's friend Brianna that he's in love with), bird, cup, Bu (Buster), thtop (stop), ish (fish), book, bye bye, uh oh, bawl (ball), mow (more), baby, eyeeeee (eye), no (nose), tee (teeth), apple, cukie (cookie), up, sun, kircle (circle), Sh (quiet), bu (bus), out (outside), top

3 animal sounds (monkey, dog, kitty)
Words: Mama, Dada, Kye for Skye but the sky is sky (go figure), Sissy, Chay Chay (Chase), Bu (Buck), Jewel (Lexi's friend Julia), I do it, my (mine), ish (fish), out, bye bye, night night, cup, rock-a-bye, bub (book), peas, beans, cacack (cracker), Jack, up, cookie, blablabla (banana and her tongue goes in and out three times every time she says it), baby, cup, Bu (Buster), poopy, diaper, pee pee, yuck, uh oh, Hi, Bye, shoe, kicky (Kitty), boyd (bird), eye, mou (mouth), ouch, are (star), kircle (circle), appoo (apple), kee kee (binky), down, ba ba (bottle), eat, rosie, down, please, Sh (quiet), happy, poon (spoon), sit down

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