Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adventures in La La Land

It seems there just aren't enough hours in the days anymore. So in an effort to maximize time, I'm going to just post some random cute things we've done in the past few days.

Summer ran across the living room, did a full body dive, spread eagle, onto the exercise ball (it's about 2 feet tall), which made the ball start rolling. As it rolled a full 360 degree rotation, she stayed stuck flat to the ball and went all the way around with it! When it came all the way back around, she popped off and wanted to do it again! She thought that was fun!! She may have a future as a superhero. I'll have to keep my eyes out for other possible super powers.

Chase has taken to singing Row, row, row your boat. Row, row, row boat. He rocks his baby dolls to a one note version of "Rock-a-bye-baby". He sings the tune of it but just says "By-i-i-i-i". His repertoire of animals sounds is increasing every day. He makes the cutest darn "mooooos" and "meows" ever heard!! He still refuses to do it for people outside of the family, or over the phone, so we are working on that! It's a good thing he has these cute things in his repertoire because he also has taken to throwing plates and food during every single darn meal the past 2 days. And he also gets a real kick out of walking up behind me and pinching my calves. Not funny Chase, that hurts!!

Summer was spied changing Chases diaper one afternoon. She got his pants unbuttoned, the diaper off, except it got stuck under him, so she was getting a little feisty trying to pull it off when she was caught in the act! So I don't know what her next step was but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Just in case, we're sticking to non-button pants for Chase for a while.

Chase did the take off the poopy diaper in the crib bit and now Summer has perfected the take off all the clothes and diaper in the crib bit. So I'm trying to make sure they are put backwards in zippered PJ's every time they go to sleep. But sometimes it's hard to change them in and out for nap and then bedtime. It seems I'm changing clothes all day long these days, between the PJ's and the plate and food throwing (that usually leads to at least 1 outfit disaster) and the other 4 shirts Chase is requiring because he is a drooling machine and refuses to keep a bib on. Well sometimes I loose track of the backwards PJ's. Which inevitably means I'm changing someones sheets and giving them a bath.

Teething. 4 new teeth each. There has to be a better way for us to have evolved up to this point than this slow process of acquiring teeth!!

Babies + Teething = Unhappy Babies = Unhappy Mama!!!

Did I mention both Lexi and Skye are cutting their 12 year molars!?! And Uncle Buck is having dental problems with infections and who knows what else, and I have a loose permanent tooth. Frankie needs 2 caps replaced but that's not causing him pain. I really hope one of these kids becomes a dentist one day...

Summer now understands absolutely everything I say to her. I can say, Summer go get Chase's blue cup for me, Summer please put Bumble Bee away in the toy box, Summer go dance a dance with Daddy, Summer please get your broom and help Mommy sweep the kitchen, Summer that wasn't nice, go give Chasey a hug and tell him you're sorry, and WA LAH! She does just what you tell her. No further explanation, no repeating, she just does it. She is a smart little cookie!! Now if only I can figure out how to get Skye to do this very thing... hmmmmmmm.

Whenever Summer puts on a hat and 'pretends' to dress up, Chase says "pitty" to tell her she's pretty. Awwwww. They are both saying alot more words and phrases now too. I also catch Summer now mixing words with her gibberish. She has always called Chase, Chay Chay, but I catch her now calling him Doodlebop every now and again, which is what I call him sometimes.

These two little ones sure do know how to put a smile on your face!


jennbecc said...

Love all the stories! All our kiddos put a smile on my face. I feel like we're all family and we get to watch each other's kids grow up! :)

Jennifer said...

What great stories Kristen!!!
I love the one of Summer and her super powers!!!!!!
Isn't it funny the things they are doing these days?!?!?! And how much they understand? The boys are just like Summer, I can ask them to do just about anything and they go right to it!!!!