Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So Mom and Dad have WebTV (yes, there are WebTV users actually out there!) and I've just figured out how to get them to be able to view videos online! So I'm posting a few random videos.

7/19/08 Chase playing catch. Summer cheering him on.

7/14/08 Summer showing her salsa moves, getting jiggy at the end.

7/14/08 Skye, Summer and Chase dancing in the loft to "Salsa", music from one of Skye's old synchronized swim routines.

7/6/08 Lexi, Skye, Summer and Chase dancing. I don't know why Summer doesn't have a shirt on.
6/28/08 The family going on a walk, Summer on her puppy backpack leash

6/28/08 Summer watching the portable DVD player with Skye

7/21/08 Chase acting silly with his green hat

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bean bag rides

One of the great things about having older children when you have toddlers, is they still act and think like children! I think as adults, sometimes it's hard for us to get down to our toddlers level and think of things they might consider fun. For example; Lexi and Skye bought some bean bag video chairs to watch tv and play video games in. They also thought they would make a good amusement ride for Summer and Chase. So they loaded them on and told them to hold on and started zooming them around the living room! They giggled and squeeled and wouldn't let the girls stop pulling them! Now, Summer and Chase go and sit on them and call their sisters to come and give them a ride! (They all say thank you to Grandma and Grandpa E. because they used the birthday money you sent Lexi and Skye to buy the bean bags!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chase, video ham

Apparantly Chase has been getting something out of this season's So You Think You Can Dance. Here he is doing a fun dance from the 80s, The Worm.

Unfotunately this video was taken sideways, but it's cute nonetheless! (Even with the cranberry stuck under his chin.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mindless Monday

It just took me about 2 minutes to figure out what the day was -- so 'mindless' is in reference to me the last couple of days!

Summer and Chase's sleeping schedule has gotten completely off track the last 5 days. They are waking at a different time, napping at different times, wanting 2 naps instead of the 1 they've been taking for a few months and going to bed at a different time. I assume it was a growth spurt that got them off track initially. Then 2 days ago, not only were they off schedule, but then got out of synch with each other! It seems all day I was either getting a baby up, putting one down, or feeding one, because they weren't up at the same time to do meals together. Oh the things only Moms of multiples have to deal with!!!

Today they were a little more in-synch so I'm hoping tomorrow they are totally in-synch again. It's hard to remember who has eaten and who hasn't, who is due for a nap and who has taken one, who was changed, etc. when they are on different schedules. It's like when they are newborns all over again and you have to write everything down.

This morning I took Summer and Chase to Publix and that didn't help. They fell asleep in the car on the way home so I couldn't get them to nap once we got home. I love going to Publix with them though. They have the shopping carts that are configured to look like a car, with a full cart, a purse area and an area for 2 babies, with 2 seat belts and 2 steering wheels! So I go to Publix to get meat that's on sale and whatever buy-one-get-one-free items are on sale this week. Even if I weren't buying anything it'd be worth it to go every so often just to watch them "steer" the cart and make all those "vroom" "vroom" sounds!

If only Walmart knew the business they were missing because noone has thought to have just a couple of carts that sit two babies happily!! I bet if one of the managers had twins they would think of this! Not to mention the free cookies at the Publix bakery. Those keep them happy all the way through 5 aisles (they are slow nibblers!)!

One last shout out for Chase ... he climbed up on the couch by himself for the first time on Sunday!!!!! When he got up there, he turned around with THE biggest smile on his face and bounced up and down and clapped for himself! Do you think he knew what a big accomplishment that was!! *LOL* Now we'll see how long before he catches onto how to get down. It took Summer a good week, and about 5 or 6 full face plants. Here's to hoping Chase catches on quicker! My nerves won't be able to take a whole lot of falls from Chase. He's not as indestructible as his sister!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hide and Seek

Chase and Summer have started doing something really cute this week. They play hide and seek with each other!

Summer is the hider and Chase is the seeker. They have a corner nook in the kitchen where the bathroom door is where she always hides. She wanders over there and stands with her back against the wall and presses up hard against it, like she's making herself invisible by molding into the wall. Then Chase goes crawling over super fast and stops before going into the corner. Then he backs up around the corner so he's out of her sight. You can hear Summer giggling this whole time but she doesn't move an inch. Then he slowly moves forward until his head sticks out around the corner and spies her. They both bust out laughing! Then she starts running back to the living room and he chases after her. It really is just the cutest thing!

I'm still trying to figure out though, how they signal each other that they are going to be playing this. Because it's not like Summer goes over in that corner for any other purpose so I'm interested in seeing how they tell each other it's time to play hide and seek!

Friday, July 18, 2008

What's new with Chase

This week it seems Chase has made quite a few gains. He has going up the stairs mastered and is now almost as quick as Summer is. If she gets one or two stairs ahead of him, she waits for him on the landing, and then they start again to the top together. She then runs straight for their room and after he gets to the top, he stops and claps for himself (for making it up the stairs) and then goes crawling after her!

We're still working on going down. I'm having him go down backwards, on his tummy, because he still doesn't have quite enough trunk control to right himself if he were to start tumbling forward while on his tush. I'm also trying to get him to use the same principle coming down off the couch, but for some reason, he hates that! He tries to go forward and crashes, but won't let me help him go backwards.

He can get on and off the Fischer Price bouncy zebra by himself and walk with you by only holding onto one of your hands. He's a little wobbly, but he can go quite a long way. He's also free standing alot more now (getting up without holding onto anything). He's only taken a step here and there, but hopefully in the coming weeks he'll continue to gain confidence and that'll change.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simple things

Just a few pics today to show how Daddy's getting along better and how darn cute Summer and Chase still are! Frankie's now able to lift the babies up off of the ground and hold them in his arms. Sometimes it's the simpleist things that make such a wonderful difference!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Skye!

July 7 was Skye's 11th birthday! Photobucket
Sometimes since Lexi's birthday is just 2 weeks before Skye's, she sometimes feels a little overshadowed. The day hit a snag early when she found out Trey wasn't going to see her on her birthday because he was out of town. She was really sad about that. But as the day moved on she was so excited and overall had a really wonderful day! She was so blown away to get a Ripstik Caster Board which is like half skateboard, half snowboard. She's working really hard at getting good at riding it. It's nowhere near as easy as a skateboard!
She also was so thankfull to Grandma and Granpa E for the diamond necklace, the love token, the cash and the US Savings Bond!!
Lexi bought her the WWF t-shirt she is wearing and she was ridiculously excited about that!!! Wrestling has become a new passion of hers. Skye --- we love you!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Which do you prefer? Chay Chay or Sum Sum soup?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chase's Turn

The other day I blogged about Summer, so today is Chase's turn!

Chase has been having a really good week. It seems the grumpies of last week are gone and he's making alot of progress! He's been pushing Summer around the house in the stroller. He is unsteady on his feet but he keeps on trucking and you can tell he's so proud of himself! He smiles and cheers the whole time he's pushing her, it's really sweet. Summer is happy for the ride!

He also climbed to the top of the stairs by himself on Sunday!!! His physical therapist, Kristin, was hoping to work on climbing stairs with him and have him doing two to three stairs by the end of this month so I'm really happy about this!

Chase seems to have a special affinity for his older brother Trey who is in the Marines and lives in San Diego. He's here this week visiting and has only seen Chase a few times. Each time Chase sees Trey, he goes straight to him, wants Trey to hold him and he just looks at him very closely, like he's studying him. His body, his facial expressions, everything just completely relaxes, it is really amazing!

Summer on the other hand won't go near him with a 10-foot pole. The last time she saw him a few days ago, she warmed up enough to wave bye-bye and that was progress! LOL

Here are some pictures of Trey and Chase.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

8 Reasons why raising twins is NOT easier than....

Earlier this week I came across a post online 8 Reasons why raising twins is easier than raising two closely spaced siblings ....

In response, I have come up with
8 reasons why raising twins is NOT EASIER than raising two closely spaced siblings!

1. Sharing food. They share the same floor that they drop the food on, they share the same delight in making a soupy mess on their high chair trays, they share the same joy of rubbing mushed up bananas in their hair. Twice as much to clean up is not easier. They also don't share the same tastes. If one likes squash, you can count on the other not liking squash. Thus, sharing leftovers or having them share a jar isn't happening too often.

2. 1 bath/1 bedtime. Have you tried washing two babies, getting one out of the tub and wrangled and diapered and dressed while the other either almost drowns in the tub or freezes to death in the meantime? By the time the first one is done you are exhausted and you have one more to go! And while you are doing the next one, the first one is opening all of your dresser drawers and throwing your clothes wildly into the air!

One story time after they've fought over which book it will be tonight, 4 hands to tear the book out of your hands with, one set of hands turning the pages before the other one is done with that page. One story time is not all it's cracked up to be!

Everyone on the same schedule means when one wakes, the other wakes, when one screams, the other screams, when one throws a toy across the room and it hits his sister in the head while she's sleeping, one cries and then the other cries but doesn't even know why he is crying.

3. Sharing toys. If you can find me a set of twins who actually share their toys more than they don't, I'll take back this one, but I don't see that happening! Twins don't share toys, they take toys from each other and run with them wildly to the other side of the room while the other one kicks and screams that they've lost their toy. By the time they stop crying and get a new toy.... the scene starts all over again!

4. Same childproofing. When you have a partner in crime at the ready to help you figure out how to UNchildproof an entire house, you end up with parents who know how to childproof the childproofing and who can no longer open any of their own cabinets, doors, toilets, dishwashers, etc.

5. Same videos/movies. Elmo! Dora! Elmo! Dora! Need I say more.

6. DISCOUNTS. I'm buying two things from you that most people buy one of. The least you can do is give me a discount. At Sam's Club if I put two bags of Tostitos into one clear plastic bag, they charge you for one bag at the check out. I think 20% is a rip off compared to that!!

7. Same phases. Two children in the terrible twos at the same time?! Are you kidding me? The only thing worse I can think of is two three year olds climbing out of the shopping cart at the grocery store, or two 6 year olds trying to prove you can fly off the highest branch of the tree with a sheet tied around your neck, or two 10 year olds learning how to balance a bike on a skateboard going downhill, or two teenagers, Oh Lord --- not TWO TEENAGERS!

8. Same playdates. We are a constant playdate gone wrong. Biting, hair pulling, fighting, taking toys away from each other, all the things you just might not re-schedule a play date with another child for doing, you have a built in playmate who does it to you a couple of times, every day!

I probably should not be disclosing all of this because it makes it sound like having twins is really, really, really hard! Well, it is!!! But it's also, really, really, really, rewarding and really, really, really the greatest thing you could ever imagine as a Mommy!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Summer's favorite thing to do nowadays (because she is a big girl afterall!!) is to sit and watch a Baby Einstein video on Skye's portable DVD player. Granted, she's in the living room where there is a big screen tv, but one day Skye was watching a movie at the kitchen table and Summer was very interested by it. So Skye set them up a cozy little spot and they watched together. Here she is watching with her backpack on.
The reason Summer had her backpack on was we had just gotten back from a walk.

I always wanted to have a little girl who would frolic around in her cute little sun dresses with cute little pig tails or matching hair bows. Apparantly, it wasn't meant to be. Neither Lexi or Skye would keep a hairbow in. Summer occasionally keeps a clip in. Right now I do her hair every morning in her high chair while she eats. She looks so cute!! Then I let her down and within 2 minutes she's taken everything out. I keep trying in hopes that one day she'll just let them be! As if to add insult to injury, after she takes the bows out, she rubs her hair all over the place so that when she's done she looks like Brett Michaels!

Friday, July 4, 2008

8 reasons why raising twins is easier than ....

I came across this post online and thought it was pretty good!!!

I remember when Lexi and Skye were little (they are 1 year and 2 weeks apart) Frankie and I must have said a hundred or so times that twins would be so much easier than such closely spaced siblings!!! Mostly because of reason #7 below. Frankie had hoped for twins with both Lexi and Skye so twins are something we had talked about alot. I'm so glad God gave me the opportunity to prove that theory wrong!!! These are still worth reading.

8 Reasons Why Raising Twins is Easier Than Raising Two Kids of Different Ages

People often seem amazed at the challenges of raising twins. Even parents with more kids then me mention it. How bizarre to think that people could imagine that raising four kids is more difficult in any way shape or form than raising twins. Ludicrous.

I will even go on record as saying that raising twins has to be easier than raising a mere two kids that are different ages. Don’t believe me. Well, read on.

1. Sharing food. Babies start off eating very small portions. Much smaller than one little baby food jar. Instead of throwing the leftovers away or trying to store them, parents of twins make them share a jar. Once they are big enough to eat more than a jar, it is easy to open 3 jars, feed both kids from each jar, and get a well rounded diet at every meal.
2. 1 bath/1 bedtime. With kids, bath and bedtime seems to take up most of their waking moments. With twins, they can easily share a tub which, let’s face it, helps save the planet by conserving water and saves time. They also can share a bedtime. Our kids sleep in the same room. We waddle in there and start the routine of shoving both feet into one leg hole while putting on pants and getting their arms stuck above their heads while putting on their shirts. Then, and here is the real magic. We have one story time. All the quality time you can imagine with half the ticks on the clock. There is no putting somebody to bed at 7 and then somebody else at 8. Everybody is on the same schedule.
3. Sharing toys. Since they are the same age, you do not have to worry about somebody’s favorite Legos being the choking hazard of Junior. You just need one big pile of age appropriate toys. How much easier could it get?
4. Same childproofing. Remember toilet locks. They made you feel good while your first child was wandering around the bathroom in her diaper. Then Junior came. But, Senior needed to start peeing in the big potty. Do you take off the toilet lock and risk drowing Junior or personally escort Senior to the bathroom every time? Worry no more if you have twins. If one is safe for the toilet lock, the other is, too. After all they are only 16 minutes apart.
5. Same videos/movies. Tired of fighting over whether to watch Baby Einstein or Spongebob Squarepants. I feel bad for you. You should have had twins. They may have their favorites, but twins at least like the same developmental stage of videos. And never again worry about trying to find a movie at the theater that will be appropriate for all of the children.
6. DISCOUNTS. Some stores feel sorry for us parents of multiples. To help ease our “burden,” they offer us DISCOUNTS. That’s right. When we bought our cribs at Burlington Coat Factory we paid 20% less on the second crib. They call it the Twin Discount. Suckers.
7. Same phases. Remember when the terrible twos ended. You finally got Senior to quit freaking out every time you left Toys R Us without a teddy bear. Be careful. Don’t let down your guard. Junior is about to enter that phase. The tantrums for twins are not any worse then singletons. It is very rare that both throw a tantrum at the same time. But, we only have to spend a brief period of time in each phase. Then it is done.
8. Same playdates. Tired of scheduling playtime for Junior on Wednesday afternoon and something for Senior on Wednesday morning. Sick of sucking up to boring parents just so all your kids have somebody to play with. We only need one playdate. One single kid can occupy our kids for the morning. Less gas money. Less dirty neighbor couches. Sweet it is.
I probably should not be disclosing all of this to you parents of singletons, but it is going to come out sooner or later. For real convenience, it does not get much better than twins.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My baby is not a baby anymore

Lexi celebrated her 12th birthday June 24th. I decorated the house special for her and we had a family celebration. She loved her gifts and said "this was the best birthday ever!". I was a little worried about it being so low key this year and how she would react, but as usual, Lexi is always so cheerfull, content and unselfish, she is truly a blessing from God and an amazing 'not so' little girl!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finding Frankie

Frankie's been helping out so much more lately. The first time he walked into the kitchen a few weeks ago and said "is there anything I can do to help?" I nearly fell out of my chair!

Sometimes living in the day-to-day I forget how truly far he's come since coming home from the hospital last year. In 6 weeks it will be 2 years since his accident, and lately I'm painfully aware of how much he has changed because we've been watching home movies from 10 - 12 years ago to compare Lexi and Skye to the babies. The biggest change is so much of his exuberance, his high energy is gone now. But I also see his old self emerging in different ways too, especially when he is doing things for the babies, like feeding them. He does these things the same way and with the same gentleness and care as he did for Lexi and Skye.