Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Summer and Chase!!!

Today was Summer and Chase's 2nd birthday!!!!

These past two years have been really long, hard, dizzying, joyful and amazing!

Summer and Chase celebrated today at Chuck E Cheese (thanks Grandma and Grandpa E!!!) and had a wonderful, fun day!

It's amazing how much difference just a few months makes. I remember the last time we went to Chuck E Cheese, I was in a full on sweat after about 5 minutes of trying to contain the two of them in the toddler area. Today, wow, they sat at the table to eat, they'd tell me when they wanted to go play or go see Chuck E, and I'd walk and just say follow me, and they'd follow me! And I'd ask them what they wanted to do or where they wanted to go and it's just amazing how well they listen now and how much easier it is to get them to do things together, instead of just full on running in separate directions! lol.

They still have their moments, Summer had a couple of crying fits today I couldn't really even figure out what motivated them, but all in all, two year olds are awesome. And Summer and Chase as two year olds .... amazing!!!