Friday, October 31, 2008

Have you tried to take 1 picture of 2 toddlers lately?!

Mom and I were talking the other day about how I don't have pictures of Summer and Chase together. She was hoping I might be able to do something with Photoshop so she could have a more current pic of them both for her cel phone screensaver. I've just been using 1 pic of a girl and a baby as my screensaver and the other girl and baby as my wallpaper (the girls check and make sure they get equal time!). So I decided I should try and get a picture of them both ... in 1 picture ... at the same time ... facing the same direction ... with no one crying ... are you kidding? What was I thinking! Oh well, I got some pics of them separately that turned out ok. *LOL

Summer and Chase Chase and Summer

In the garden

Chase Hi Mom! Chasey Playing with dirt Hey, what's over there? Summy Run Summer Run!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My amazing little girl

So today Summer did a couple of cute things. As I went upstairs to get their cribs ready for bed, I turned Barney on the TV for them, to keep them entertained (aka quiet) for a few minutes. I put Barney on because Summer and Chase were both screaming "Buyee, Buyee" (aka "Barney") at the top of their lungs when I asked them what they wanted to watch.

So I'm upstairs and the theme song comes on and I hear Summer quietly singing "I wub you, you wub me" then she hums to the end and says "say you wub me too". Oh my gosh, my heart just about melted!!!

Then today she and I went out for a little bit. On the ride home "Stairway to Heaven" was on the radio so I'm singing and swaying a little bit and I notice her staring at me in the rear view mirror and imitating my swaying, so I move right and she moves right, I shrug my shoulders and she shrugs, I move left, she moves left, I clap, she claps and I clap a few more times to different beats and she does the same. Then I threw my hand out and snapped and brought it back. And she throws her hand out, clicks with her tongue and brings her hand back. She immediately compensated for not being able to snap and I thought "Wow! That was pretty darn smart!!"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blue Turner - RIP

Every morning before school Lexi and/or Skye feed, water and play with their Guinea pig Blue. We got her last year after I gave away the 3rd of our dogs following Frankie's accident. At the time of Frankie's accident, we had 4 Pomeranians and I just couldn't keep up with them all anymore. I knew it was hard on the girls after almost losing their father, having to move twice, new babies on the scene, and all the tons of other changes. So I told them I would let them get another smaller pet to give them something to take care of and be responsible for.

Blue So we got Jack who got sick after 3 weeks. So we had to exchange him and that's when we got Blue. The girls were very sad to have lost Jack. But Blue seemed to be a keeper and was doing well, until this morning. Skye went to get her out of her cage and she wasn't moving. She came to me in tears.

So this afternoon we'll have a burial in the back yard, once the babies go to sleep.

I feel bad for Lexi and Skye. They have already been extra sad this week because their Daddy left on Sunday to go to Georgia with his Mom and Step Dad for the week. They have a cabin in the mountains and it's the first trip he's taken since his accident. So they were sad to see him go and are sad that he's missing Halloween. As Skye says, it's the 1st he'll have missed.

Even the year after his accident, they dressed up in their costumes and we paraded through the hospital and to Daddy's room with them on. And that was the year Skye went as a giant Lego. It was hard walking through that big old hospital as a giant Lego!!

Oh well. We are learning all kinds of lessons about loss and overcoming difficult circumstances.

But I'm thankful that Lexi, Skye, Summer and Chase are all otherwise well. They are downstairs right now playing together. I can hear them rolling trucks across the carpet, back and forth ... and Summer is finding something hysterical. She's just laughing and laughing and laughing! There is good in everything!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I love ....

Skye and Chase
I love my "Kye"

Skye kissing Chase
And she loves me!

Summer eating an apple Summer and her babies
I love "bapples" and "beebee dawlls"

I love my "Sissy" ... and I love my "Chay Chay"

Chase playing in the corner Summer playing in the corner
I don't love time out! But it's not so bad with a buddy!
*By the way, the dolls are just dolls they drug into the corner and were playing with and immitating, they aren't meant to entertain them while they are in time out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Building towers is fun when you're King of The World!

King Chase
Oh wait, I must be serious!

Chasey Chase's speach
There ... now to address my constituents!

Summer and the crown
Oh boy, he's already addressing constituents and I still can't work this crown thing out!

Chase and his blocks A girl without a crown
Yes, that's a mighty fine tower!
But as you can see, there's only room for one royal in this kingdom!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Last year our digital camera went MIA from 9/29 to 10/23 (long not so great story) so I don't have pictures exactly a year old... these are from one year ago next week.

Last year about this time Summer was crawling, walking in the walker, jumping in the jumper and trying really, really hard to get Chase to do the same!

Summer and Chase

Summer climbing on Chase

Summer climbing on Chase

Chase wasn't moving around much, but was still as happy as could be!
Smiling Chase


Summer was all over the place!
Summer in her walker

Summer crawling

Poor Sweety. She really lived up to her name.
Summer and Sweety

A pocket full of sunshine

So that's the most sarcastic title I could think of! *lol

Not the greatest of weeks going on here and lots of going on too. Thus the lack of posts.

Lexi started counseling yesterday to see if we can help her with stress management and to deal with some of the emotions that go along with all of the losses and changes we've had in the last few years. I hope it'll help ease the headaches she's been having too.

There's nothing like telling someone in just 1 hour everything bad, sad, depressing, stressful, that's going on in your life to make you feel good about things!

You know what else doesn't make you feel great? A 20th high school reunion. Now, it was in Va. so no I did not go this past weekend, but it makes you feel old either way!

And... we are having a garage sale this weekend. Nothing major, not huge, but I've been sorting through baby clothes and baby toys and equipment and it's hard to part with alot of that. It's sad to let go of the memories and just plain old sad to think about them being the last babies as well as thinking of the memories of the past 20 months.

Yes, we've had a lot of joy and happiness, especially where the babies are concerned, but I also still think about how different it would have/could have been if things hadn't of turned out the way they did. And that makes me sad.

I've also had to start sorting late at night. Skye is so much like her Daddy that she gets upset with every little thing I am planning on giving away, she not only wants to pack rat and keep everything, but everything has a memory attached to it for her, just like Frankie. She keeps taking things out of the give away to keep and not making the process any easier on me! Who knew such things were passed down genetically!!

Other than that at least Summer and Chase have been doing good this week. Chase is now walking 100% of the time!! He is no longer ever crawling and that is just fantastic! He has straightened out his foot position over the last week too which is very important. He and Summer are also talking alot more. Summer is talking in sentences. I say something like, "Daddy didn't put his glass up, Daddy is a naughty boy." And she says, "No, Daddy good boy!" Or she'll come tell me, "Mama, Chay Chay cry".

Chase is saying more words and is repeating everything you say, though he still talks very quietly, he's loving animals right now. His favorites are the monkeys, lions and elephants. He's always making animal sounds. He's also been eating, really, really, really well and has the tiniest hint of a little pot belly. lol. He's still too skinny for sure, but it can't be blamed on appetite, he's really out eating Summer this week!

He's also playing with his cars and trucks alot more than he has in the past. He still likes to play baby dolls but as long as their is a balance that's cool with me!

They are really liking their table and chairs and sit at the table for snack and to do blocks and peg boards and puzzles. I just wish Chase could get up and down on his own, he still can't. That'll come in time though!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Fairy Princess and The Frog

I bought Summer and Chase's Halloween costumes spontaneously last week. It hadn't even occurred to me to try them on until other twin MoM friend's were saying how their toddlers weren't liking their costumes too much. So we tried ours on. And now I am faced with a choice. Do I keep having them try them on every day in the hopes that they will indeed settle into them after a few weeks? Or do I let them swap costumes since Chase hates the frog costume and Summer is in love with it? That might sound like a decent choice, until you realize that by swapping, that makes Chase a fairy princess.

Chase's Halloween costume
So it's been 10 minutes and I am NOT happy. But if you'll take this stupid thing off of my head I'll give you one good picture!

Chase's Halloween costume
OK, that was your one picture, now get me out of this thing!

Chase is not happy
Seriously, I mean OUT!

Poor little froggy
What are you waiting for Mom?!?!?!

Am I a horrible Mommy for not taking off the costume yet and letting him collapse into a puddle since I think it makes for a cute picture?! *lol

Summer pitching a fit
This is NOT fair! He doesn't even want to be the darn frog and you still won't let me have it!!

I have nothing to say to you Mommy.

Oh fine, you want me to dance?! I'll dance!!

So this frilly thing isn't so bad when you're dancing!

OK, I admit it, I'm pretty darn cute aren't I?!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me!

Just a quick note to say this past weekend was the 18th Anniversary of Frankie and my first date! This is a date Frankie always stuck to celebrating each year, even after we were married. As a matter of fact it came a month before our wedding anniversary so it usually continued to get more attention, even after we were married!

There are few times over the last 18 years I even remember as vividly as I do that night. I don't know why, but I remember absolutely everything about it. We didn't do anything outstanding, there was actually a really bad storm that night so we couldn't do what we had initially planned. But I guess starting our lives together was outstanding enough!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A long time coming

It seems I've been waiting so long to have 2 walking toddlers, even knowing how much more difficult it would be to chase after them both. Turns out it's not one of those things where the anticipation is greater than the actuality. It's even better!
Chase walking to the parkSummer and Lexi

ChaseSummer slidingSummer swingingChase climbingLexi and ChaseChase and LexiSkye pushing Chase on the swingChase swinging
Skye and Summer playing catch
Chase walkingSummer in the back yardChase