Friday, October 10, 2008

The Fairy Princess and The Frog

I bought Summer and Chase's Halloween costumes spontaneously last week. It hadn't even occurred to me to try them on until other twin MoM friend's were saying how their toddlers weren't liking their costumes too much. So we tried ours on. And now I am faced with a choice. Do I keep having them try them on every day in the hopes that they will indeed settle into them after a few weeks? Or do I let them swap costumes since Chase hates the frog costume and Summer is in love with it? That might sound like a decent choice, until you realize that by swapping, that makes Chase a fairy princess.

Chase's Halloween costume
So it's been 10 minutes and I am NOT happy. But if you'll take this stupid thing off of my head I'll give you one good picture!

Chase's Halloween costume
OK, that was your one picture, now get me out of this thing!

Chase is not happy
Seriously, I mean OUT!

Poor little froggy
What are you waiting for Mom?!?!?!

Am I a horrible Mommy for not taking off the costume yet and letting him collapse into a puddle since I think it makes for a cute picture?! *lol

Summer pitching a fit
This is NOT fair! He doesn't even want to be the darn frog and you still won't let me have it!!

I have nothing to say to you Mommy.

Oh fine, you want me to dance?! I'll dance!!

So this frilly thing isn't so bad when you're dancing!

OK, I admit it, I'm pretty darn cute aren't I?!


jennbecc said...

Love that last picture of Summer. How CUTE is that!?! I really need to try the boys costumes on so we can avoid a meltdown on the big day. *L*

Jennifer said...

How cute are they?!?!?!?!?! I love both their costumes!!! I ordered the boys and I am hoping we have time to get used to them!!!!

Greg & Joanna said...

Summer makes the cutest little princess, I love it! Brody and Chase are so alike. I got the same reaction from him. I think part of it is the head piece, Brody really hated that. Hmmm, Chase as a princess?? That might be one for the blackmail books - lol.

Jill said...

lol I love the sequence with Chase. Reminds me of Nicholas' reaction and short patience when mommy doesn't react quick enough. ha ha
They are so cute in them. I never even thought about the 'what if they don't wear their costumes' thing!

The Burger Blog said... Liam isn't the only little boy who refuses to be a frog. I am working on a "new" costume for him. I was able to sell our frog.

I love the progression in pics too, I think mine are almost identical,

As for the fairy princess....well, that ones up to you, lol!

I've discovered that they like regular clothes much better. Now if you got green sweats and a green shirt and maybe a green hat with eyes, maybe. (that's if he wears hats)

Good Luck! Can't wait to see what happens.