Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blue Turner - RIP

Every morning before school Lexi and/or Skye feed, water and play with their Guinea pig Blue. We got her last year after I gave away the 3rd of our dogs following Frankie's accident. At the time of Frankie's accident, we had 4 Pomeranians and I just couldn't keep up with them all anymore. I knew it was hard on the girls after almost losing their father, having to move twice, new babies on the scene, and all the tons of other changes. So I told them I would let them get another smaller pet to give them something to take care of and be responsible for.

Blue So we got Jack who got sick after 3 weeks. So we had to exchange him and that's when we got Blue. The girls were very sad to have lost Jack. But Blue seemed to be a keeper and was doing well, until this morning. Skye went to get her out of her cage and she wasn't moving. She came to me in tears.

So this afternoon we'll have a burial in the back yard, once the babies go to sleep.

I feel bad for Lexi and Skye. They have already been extra sad this week because their Daddy left on Sunday to go to Georgia with his Mom and Step Dad for the week. They have a cabin in the mountains and it's the first trip he's taken since his accident. So they were sad to see him go and are sad that he's missing Halloween. As Skye says, it's the 1st he'll have missed.

Even the year after his accident, they dressed up in their costumes and we paraded through the hospital and to Daddy's room with them on. And that was the year Skye went as a giant Lego. It was hard walking through that big old hospital as a giant Lego!!

Oh well. We are learning all kinds of lessons about loss and overcoming difficult circumstances.

But I'm thankful that Lexi, Skye, Summer and Chase are all otherwise well. They are downstairs right now playing together. I can hear them rolling trucks across the carpet, back and forth ... and Summer is finding something hysterical. She's just laughing and laughing and laughing! There is good in everything!


jennbecc said...

RIP Blue. Sorry for your family's loss. :( It's hard to loose a pet. I had a hamster named Pig when I was 15 and I was destroyed when she died. Even the smallest pets can make a big impact on our lives. I hope the girls are able to understand this hard part of life and have a great Halloween in spite of it.

The Hayes Family said...

Sorry for the loss of Blue. I know it's hard to lose a family pet. I'm with Jenn...I hope the girls (and Chase) have an excellent Halloween in spite of everything they have gone through!