Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Building towers is fun when you're King of The World!

King Chase
Oh wait, I must be serious!

Chasey Chase's speach
There ... now to address my constituents!

Summer and the crown
Oh boy, he's already addressing constituents and I still can't work this crown thing out!

Chase and his blocks A girl without a crown
Yes, that's a mighty fine tower!
But as you can see, there's only room for one royal in this kingdom!!


Greg & Joanna said...

Cute Kristen! I need to make a trip to BK just to get a crown. I love the serious one with Chase's finger pointing and addressing the constituents :).

Jennifer said...

What cute pics!! Your witty comments always make me laugh too!!! I love the blocks, what kind are those???

jennbecc said...

Cute Kristen! And what fun blocks! Are they nesting blocks? Very cute and now I need to go to BK too for crowns...and cheesy tots while I'm there! :)