Saturday, July 5, 2008


Summer's favorite thing to do nowadays (because she is a big girl afterall!!) is to sit and watch a Baby Einstein video on Skye's portable DVD player. Granted, she's in the living room where there is a big screen tv, but one day Skye was watching a movie at the kitchen table and Summer was very interested by it. So Skye set them up a cozy little spot and they watched together. Here she is watching with her backpack on.
The reason Summer had her backpack on was we had just gotten back from a walk.

I always wanted to have a little girl who would frolic around in her cute little sun dresses with cute little pig tails or matching hair bows. Apparantly, it wasn't meant to be. Neither Lexi or Skye would keep a hairbow in. Summer occasionally keeps a clip in. Right now I do her hair every morning in her high chair while she eats. She looks so cute!! Then I let her down and within 2 minutes she's taken everything out. I keep trying in hopes that one day she'll just let them be! As if to add insult to injury, after she takes the bows out, she rubs her hair all over the place so that when she's done she looks like Brett Michaels!


jennbecc said...

cute piggy tails and cute chubby feet in those crocks! :)

The Burger Blog said...

AWWW!!!! She looks so sweet watching the DVD player....a bit more grown up looking. And her pigtails are too cute.