Monday, July 21, 2008

Mindless Monday

It just took me about 2 minutes to figure out what the day was -- so 'mindless' is in reference to me the last couple of days!

Summer and Chase's sleeping schedule has gotten completely off track the last 5 days. They are waking at a different time, napping at different times, wanting 2 naps instead of the 1 they've been taking for a few months and going to bed at a different time. I assume it was a growth spurt that got them off track initially. Then 2 days ago, not only were they off schedule, but then got out of synch with each other! It seems all day I was either getting a baby up, putting one down, or feeding one, because they weren't up at the same time to do meals together. Oh the things only Moms of multiples have to deal with!!!

Today they were a little more in-synch so I'm hoping tomorrow they are totally in-synch again. It's hard to remember who has eaten and who hasn't, who is due for a nap and who has taken one, who was changed, etc. when they are on different schedules. It's like when they are newborns all over again and you have to write everything down.

This morning I took Summer and Chase to Publix and that didn't help. They fell asleep in the car on the way home so I couldn't get them to nap once we got home. I love going to Publix with them though. They have the shopping carts that are configured to look like a car, with a full cart, a purse area and an area for 2 babies, with 2 seat belts and 2 steering wheels! So I go to Publix to get meat that's on sale and whatever buy-one-get-one-free items are on sale this week. Even if I weren't buying anything it'd be worth it to go every so often just to watch them "steer" the cart and make all those "vroom" "vroom" sounds!

If only Walmart knew the business they were missing because noone has thought to have just a couple of carts that sit two babies happily!! I bet if one of the managers had twins they would think of this! Not to mention the free cookies at the Publix bakery. Those keep them happy all the way through 5 aisles (they are slow nibblers!)!

One last shout out for Chase ... he climbed up on the couch by himself for the first time on Sunday!!!!! When he got up there, he turned around with THE biggest smile on his face and bounced up and down and clapped for himself! Do you think he knew what a big accomplishment that was!! *LOL* Now we'll see how long before he catches onto how to get down. It took Summer a good week, and about 5 or 6 full face plants. Here's to hoping Chase catches on quicker! My nerves won't be able to take a whole lot of falls from Chase. He's not as indestructible as his sister!!


Josephine said...

I hear you on the walmart shopping cart issue!! We have a family fair that has the double carts with two seats rite next to each other, I go out of my way to shop there because of it! I'd love it if walmart had the double cart, I can't stand the ones that have the double rider contraption that is hooked to the cart, it's like a limo!

Way to go chase! That's an awesome big step! He'll be running circles around his sis in no time flat!

Jill said...

I tried the cart today that has two blue seats in front of the cart and it went pretty well. They kind of kept sliding down a bit, but it was a quick trip. I always think about how I KNOW there must be more germs on the kid-carts.

Greg & Joanna said...

Yay Chase!! That's awesome. I hear you on the cart issue, that's why we love Costco so much. And the free cookies in the bakery always sweeten the deal :). Hope they get in sync for you the rest of the wee, that is rough.