Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hide and Seek

Chase and Summer have started doing something really cute this week. They play hide and seek with each other!

Summer is the hider and Chase is the seeker. They have a corner nook in the kitchen where the bathroom door is where she always hides. She wanders over there and stands with her back against the wall and presses up hard against it, like she's making herself invisible by molding into the wall. Then Chase goes crawling over super fast and stops before going into the corner. Then he backs up around the corner so he's out of her sight. You can hear Summer giggling this whole time but she doesn't move an inch. Then he slowly moves forward until his head sticks out around the corner and spies her. They both bust out laughing! Then she starts running back to the living room and he chases after her. It really is just the cutest thing!

I'm still trying to figure out though, how they signal each other that they are going to be playing this. Because it's not like Summer goes over in that corner for any other purpose so I'm interested in seeing how they tell each other it's time to play hide and seek!


The Hayes Family said...

How cute! I love when they play together like that. And those giggles are to die for!!

The Burger Blog said...

That is sooo cute! You need to get that on tape for later...gotta love those giggles.

Jill said...

That is so cute. N&C do something similar which involves going in other rooms and holding still by a wall until the other finds them and then turns around and goes to hide. Its so fun having twins!