Friday, July 18, 2008

What's new with Chase

This week it seems Chase has made quite a few gains. He has going up the stairs mastered and is now almost as quick as Summer is. If she gets one or two stairs ahead of him, she waits for him on the landing, and then they start again to the top together. She then runs straight for their room and after he gets to the top, he stops and claps for himself (for making it up the stairs) and then goes crawling after her!

We're still working on going down. I'm having him go down backwards, on his tummy, because he still doesn't have quite enough trunk control to right himself if he were to start tumbling forward while on his tush. I'm also trying to get him to use the same principle coming down off the couch, but for some reason, he hates that! He tries to go forward and crashes, but won't let me help him go backwards.

He can get on and off the Fischer Price bouncy zebra by himself and walk with you by only holding onto one of your hands. He's a little wobbly, but he can go quite a long way. He's also free standing alot more now (getting up without holding onto anything). He's only taken a step here and there, but hopefully in the coming weeks he'll continue to gain confidence and that'll change.



The Hayes Family said...

Look at that big boy!! You know he's going to be off and running the next time you blink. He has the sweetest face!!

Jill said...

Wow he is doing great! He looks a lot like Frankie!!!