Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Skye!

July 7 was Skye's 11th birthday! Photobucket
Sometimes since Lexi's birthday is just 2 weeks before Skye's, she sometimes feels a little overshadowed. The day hit a snag early when she found out Trey wasn't going to see her on her birthday because he was out of town. She was really sad about that. But as the day moved on she was so excited and overall had a really wonderful day! She was so blown away to get a Ripstik Caster Board which is like half skateboard, half snowboard. She's working really hard at getting good at riding it. It's nowhere near as easy as a skateboard!
She also was so thankfull to Grandma and Granpa E for the diamond necklace, the love token, the cash and the US Savings Bond!!
Lexi bought her the WWF t-shirt she is wearing and she was ridiculously excited about that!!! Wrestling has become a new passion of hers. Skye --- we love you!!


jennbecc said...

Happy Birthday Skye! I know what it's like to have birthdays so close to of my sisters is Sept 7th, mine is Sept 20th and my other sister is Sept 29th. And then there's the poor twins who will always have to share the day. Oh well! There's always cake to help ease the pain! :)

Greg & Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Skye! I love how you decorated for her, you are such a good mom Kristen! I hope that she and Lexi had a great birthday (I missed that post because I was in CA). Love her WWF t-shirt, that is too cute :).