Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer's 18 month check up and a tiring afternoon

Summer's healthy as a horse, fit as a fiddle, and all that jazz! She was so darn good at the Doctor's office today!! DH and I took her for her 18 month check up, no shots. She stood on the grown up scale for Pam and weighs 24.8 pounds. And she's 34 1/2 inches tall.

24.8 lbs 34 1/2 inches
21.2 lbs 33 inches

She started dancing and doing ring-around-the-rosie for the Doctor when he came in - showing off as he said :-) and she let him look in her ears and throat, feel her neck, etc. She had a complete look of confusion on her face as he took her diaper off though. LOL, it was like she was being modest! She smiled the rest of the exam and was just a little angel!

I then had to talk to him about Lexi. Her headaches are back and seem to coincide with school starting. So I'm thinking it's either an environmental thing at school or migraines/stress. She swears she's not stressed about anything with school and we've talked about everything that could possibly be bothering her and she says none of it is. But I know things at home are very stressful and she takes a lot of that on. So maybe she's worried about not being home with me during the day to help? I don't know. I would hate to think so and she says she's not, but I guess that leaves it being either the lights and some kind of paint or smell or a combo of it all or migraines. Because of her age he wants her to see a neurologist after he sees her again on Monday. She's had her vision checked and had an MRI in the spring that came out fine so he says maybe she'll start on some meds but with her age it's kind of tricky. I feel so bad for her, she comes home with a miserable headache every single day and nothing helps it. It goes away after a few hours but they get home so late anyway, 4:00, she doesn't have a whole lot of time once they've subsided and she can actually do things.

She was stressed today after getting home because Uncle Buck was watching Chase while I was at the doctors and when she walked in, the tv had a scary movie on that he was watching and she got upset that Chase was in the room with that on. So she asked him to turn it off and he said he was too little to have nightmares, so she said she'd take him upstairs until I got home. The other day when she came home I was at the doctors with Chase and she walked through the door to find Uncle Buck asleep on the couch and Summer marching in place on top of the kiddie table! Uncle Buck may have been gone too long! He seems to have forgotten what it's like to be in the world of twin toddlers!! lol

So I had planned on doing some errands after the dr. appt. (I couldn't do them before because Chase had therapy) but instead I went home, picked Chase up and we went to Sam's to fill prescriptions and get gas.

Frankie got really sick in Sam's. He had really bad stomach cramps and I thought he was going to collapse. We had to wait around for a half hour for that to calm down. It really scared the bajeesuz out of me not knowing what was going on with Frankie. I'm thinking maybe it was the chili dogs that Brad and Uncle Buck fixed for lunch! At least I hope that's all it was! He's been fine the rest of tonight. Summer and Chase weren't so thrilled to be hanging out in a cart that wasn't moving for that long a period of time so I had to resort to purse snacks. Trail mix to the rescue!

We finally got out of Sam's back into the crazy freeway traffic on that side of town and headed to the post office because I had to have some things in the mail by morning. Then I had to run into Rite Aid to pick up 3 things that couldn't wait and stop by the library to drop off books which would be accruing fines by tomorrow. Lexi and Skye had to bring them to school today to take their Accelerated Reader tests so I couldn't bring them back any earlier. So I wasn't procrastinating! lol But all that running around meant we didn't get home until 1 1/2 hours AFTER S&C's bedtime (and they are strict bedtime babies!). AND, we still had to have dinner and get ready for bed. I wonder if they are going to sleep in tomorrow from getting to bed so late?

It seems the last few days have been hectic like this and it's catching up to me. I was so tired tonight, as soon as I got S&C to bed, I sat down on the couch for what was going to be 10 minutes and I fell asleep ... sitting up ... for 2 hours! Lexi woke me up a few times to make sure I was ok, she thought something was wrong or I was sick or something! Then once I got up, Skye and Brad both asked if I was feeling ok or sick. LOL. It's a nap people, all is well!! :-)

Oh, and Chase was finally fitted with his orthopedic shoes (SMOs). They are supposed to be strengthening his ankles and giving him the feeling of how he is supposed to be holding his legs, which he doesn't fully have since he has low muscle tone. He's taking approx. 6 steps pretty consistently but still crawls more than walks. He has to wear the SMOs under a pair of shoes, so it's socks, SMOs, then sneakers. Makes me hot just thinking about it! Once the sneaker is on you can't really even tell the SMOs are under there. He's not loving it but I suppose he'll get used to it.

Anyway, everyone's in bed now and I'm headed there too. I'm hoping a good night's sleep will make tomorrow a better day! School is getting out 2 hours early because of the hurricanes. I don't think they are even really headed in this direction anymore, but we'll see!


Jen said...


Wow, you sure have a lot on your plate right now! I would be taking a 2 hour nap if I were you too!!
I think I've shared this with you before but Jamison has really bad migraines too and has been on medication of them. If you ever want to chat/vent whatever, I'm a really good listener! Try and take care of yourself-I know that's easier said than done!

Jennifer said...

wow Kristen!! What a day!!! Sounds like you have been quite busy! I would be napping too!!!!!

Glad that S&C are doing so great with their stats and I hope that Lexi's headaches get better too, that is just no fun!