Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My skinny minny ain't so skinny anymore!

Today Chase had his 18 month check up. He wasn't required to do one but Doc wants to monitor him more closely because of the issues he's had so he just went to make sure everything was still progressing. My biggest issue with this appointment was his weight. I was hoping he had gained some!!

And he sure has!! He's up to 21 pounds and 2 ounces!!!!! The nurse actually wacked my arm when I was holding him on the scale and said "Get out!". She has more strength than she realizes.... but at the moment it was pretty darn funny! He's not a fan of the baby scale so I weigh myself alone, then with he and I together and then we deduct. I was actually glad to hop on that thing today as I've lost 26 pounds myself! Yay me!

And he's 33 inches.

So he's still a skinny minnny, but he's making progress!!

Doc says he is ok as far as speach is concerned but that if I wanted to get him and Smmer some therapy he'd give me a referral. He'd rather err on the side of overdoing some therapy than not doing enough. So I'll see.

We waited for an hour in the waiting room. He was an angel. He sat in his stroller and made animal sounds for the folks around us in the waiting room, ate snacks, read a book and played with my cel phone. I am so glad I don't take them together anymore or it'da been chaos!!!!! I'm afraid to see what the chunky monkey, I mean Summer, weighs. She goes on Thursday. LOL -- I have a skinny minny and a chunky monkey!!

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jennbecc said...

Great stats for Chase and congrats to you for loosing 26 lbs! Can't wait to see Summers stats!