Sunday, September 28, 2008

Toddler twins at the park can be a walk in the park

This morning I took Summer and Chase out to do some Sunday morning errands and they were so good and patient for such a long time I stopped to let them burn off some energy at a park we hadn't been to before. It was a spur of the moment decision and our first excursion to the park, just the three of us, so I wasn't sure how well or horrible it was going to go. But it went surprisingly well!

We had to park and walk across a large grass field to get to the park equipment and they both stayed right with me. A couple of times Summer wanted to hurry ahead and I told her to wait for me or wait for Chasey and she'd stop and wait for us to catch up. I put Chase in the toddler swing because he loves to swing and it was a good way to keep him contained until I could figure out what Summer was going to do. She stayed right by us, walking around a little, venturing over to the slide and back but never straying very far. I then was able to go between Chase and her while she climbed up the play equipment to go down the slide. She did that a few times but also sat on the stairs for quite a while, just looking around at the other children. She was also fascinated by a chocolate lab that was there.

Then I let Chasey out and he ventured around the different play areas and mostly either cruised or crawled. The last few days he has taken to walking mostly all of the time (YAY!!) so it must have been the wood chip ground he was unsure of.

We then went over to the section where the bigger slides were and Summer climbed up the stairs and went across the drawbridge so quick to go on the big slide that Chase couldn't keep up. So I stayed back with him waiting on him to get up the steps while telling Summer to wait, but she was dead set on getting to that slide! So I had to scoop Chase up real quick and grab her before she went down on her own. Little daredevil!! So they were both yelling now so I figure well, we're already up here (and it's kind of high if you ask me!) but I might as well let them go down since we're already here. So I put Chase on my lap and sat on one slide and held Summer's hand and put her on the one next to us and away we went! And that made them very happy so, of course, they wanted to go again! There was no way I was getting back on that slide myself so I told them I had some juice in the car and convinced them to walk back to the car, which they happily did.

I was surprised that in the 90 minutes we were there I didn't really break a sweat (and normally just 5 minutes alone at Chuck E Cheese makes me sweat!) and they didn't have any bad meltdowns, tantrums or anything.

Sometimes that is something that is different about having twins. You can't do everything you want to do with them when you are by yourself because you really need one person for each twin. So it was great to know we're getting to the point where we can do more and more things on our own!

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The Burger Blog said...

These days for us, I last about 30 minutes before I am sweating or in a complete panic. Glad that it went well for you guys!