Saturday, September 27, 2008

God's Grace

I feel like God has been working in my life this week. Not that he's ever far away, but I admit I do sometimes loose track of him and don't keep him as close as I should.

The past few weeks I've been feeling really down. Nothing in particular, just a culmination of a lot of things. And normally I don't share that with too many people. But I was chatting with my twin MoM (Mother of Multiples) friend Jennifer and she told me about a book she was reading that she thought would be a good read for me. And she shared with me a little about the journey she was currently on and that made me realize I had kind of lost track of Jesus in my life. I used to be in constant conversation with him, but lately things had gone quiet. So that gave me pause.

Then tonight I'm at Publix with Skye and, as usual, I'm looking at all the "blinkie" machines for coupons and as I go to pull one out I notice it is empty. I've never seen an empty one before, so I look on top of it to see if anyone has put the stack on top. I never have looked on top of one before but there on top is a laminated card of the "Footprints" prayer. It is my favorite prayer and Frankie's favorite and we used to have a large print of it framed in our house. So I stopped to think for a moment and Skye asked what I was looking at. So I gave her the card and told her about the prayer and she said she wanted to read it and we began talking about when you pray and if it has to be quiet to pray and then we started talking about Daddy and different things she was thinking about him and our family and it was a really good conversation. I think it was one she really needed to have today.

Then we get home and after a few hours, I came online and the first thing I remember is I forgot to check Jennifer's blog about her date night last night! So I went to her blog and read about how she went to the Mercy Me concert (who sing my favorite song) and the lead singer was talking about how so many people give credit to Satan for doing bad in their lives and God for doing good when really God is responsible for everything!! This is not something I personally do, I give God credit for everything in my life as I know he has a plan for everyone, but again, it gave me pause and made me think about some things I hadn't thought about in a while.

Jennifer also mentioned her struggle with infertility and how difficult it was but where it has led her. Which makes me think, yes, God does work in mysterious ways!! Jennifer has been a blessing in my life and had it not been for her struggle, and my struggle, would we have ever crossed paths? Probably not!

I'm glad God has made a point this week to remind me who is control of my life!


Greg & Joanna said...

I'm planning on reading that same book that I think you are talking about Kristen. I think some days we just need reminders of who's really in control - I know I do. That's so neat that you and Skye had a good talk, what a lucky girl she is.

Jill said...

How neat that things fell into place in this time frame for you. :) Jennifer does have good reminders for us. I'm glad you found that footprints prayer. How special!

Jennifer said...

Oh Kristen, you brought tears to my eyes reading this. I am glad that our paths crossed to! You have been very inspiring to me too!!!!!
I am glad that you were able to have that talk with Skye and how cool you found the Footprints prayer!
I got to thinking about the statement I put on my blog about giving Satan credit, and I don't think I have ever given him credit before, but I do think that I sometimes can feel him trying to work against us and we just have to push him out!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to keep praying for you and for your family!!!!!