Monday, September 29, 2008

Video of Chase walking

As of 3 days ago, Chase has really taken off walking! He is walking 95% of the time and is much more stable than he was just a few days ago. Here are some videos of him walking, and getting up and down. But they were taken 9/25 which was just before he started walking full time, so he is much wobblier and not as confident as he is now. You'll also notice each video ends with him dropping and crying. It's because he always wants the camera!

And Dad ---- these are videos, not pictures, so don't go printing them out for Mom, she has to actually view the videos! *lol





The Burger Blog said...

Poor guy really wants the camera huh? I swear I bring it out to video something and they completely stop and come after the camera.

Go Chase go!!!

jennbecc said...

Wow Kristen! He's doing GREAT and he's really steady for being so new! Congrats and way to go Chase!!!

Greg & Joanna said...

He is doing awesome Kristen - and he is fast! I had to laugh at the first video when he fell and started crying. Don't they get so dramatic sometimes - lol. Yea Chase!!

Jennifer said...

GO CHASE!!! He is doing awesome Kristen!!!!!! I know you are proud!!!!!

The Hayes Family said...

I haven't checked in here in a while! Look at him GO!!! That is awesome! Go Chase!