Monday, June 16, 2008

That's using your head Chase!

So we've been working on eating out of bowls, without Mommy holding the bowl. As you can see, Chase has it mastered! He's such a little genius!!
We've had to resort back to the darn cloth bibs. For some reason, the plastic ones with the pockets velcro on the side of their necks and they rip those off like there's no tomorrow. The cloth ones velcro in back and they don't mess with them. Go figure??!!


Jennifer said...

What cute pics of Chase!!!!
We have issues with ripping off the bibs too! Augh, sometimes its just easier to strip them down when they eat!

Jill said...

Oh Mr. Chase! lol Ours rip off the bibs. We have some bibs that go around their arms (have arm holes) and those stay on. Can you even imagine there will be a time when they won't need bibs!

Greg & Joanna said...

Good tip son using the cloth bibs, my two love to rip off the plastic ones. Chase look too adorable with his bowl hat!