Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summy's signs and Chasey's new chapter

Summer is signing more than ever. She's also pointing to things all the time asking what they are. She now signs eat, more, cup, drink, night night, cat, hello, bye, thank you and grapes. Tonight, at 6:30 she signed to me "night night". I asked her if she wanted to go to bed to go night, night and she signed it again. So I got her dressed and in bed at 6:45 and she went right to sleep!!
SummerSummer pointingSummer signing

Chasey is now able to balance himself enough that he can ride on the zebra all by himself! He's also steady enough on his feet to rummage through the toy bins. This is really good progress for the little guy. He seems proud of his accomplishments! I know I am!!

ChaseChase riding the ponyChase ridingChase picking a toy

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jennbecc said...

I love your little nick-names for them! Summy & Chasey...cute! Great that Summer is doing so many signs...WOW!...and good for Chase to be balancing! Saddle up!