Thursday, June 12, 2008


As a reward for Lexi and Skye's final report cards and all the awards they received I took them on a girls day outing to the beach! They both were on the A/B honor roll, Lexi received the 6th grade Triple R reward for highest level of Responsibility/Reliability/Respect. Lexi was in an advanced class this year (meaning she was working at the 7th grade level) and has tested for and been promoted to be in an advanced class again next year. Skye got awards for the highest GPA in both science and math. She also had the highest overall grade point average of her 5th grade class. They also both received several service awards.

So we picked a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon at Isle of Palms. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather and we all had fun swimming and sunning all afternoon. I can't wait to take Summer and Chase next time! I wish Frankie had come with us, but he had a really bad cold and wasn't feeling up to it. We all got a little too much sun, despite several applications of SPF 30 lotion. I even did a little souvenir shop browsing to get out of the sun a little bit and I still came home a lobster. It was well worth it though!!

Lexi and SkyeLexiLexiLexi
Lexi and Skye at the beach

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Jill said...

What a wonderful surprise!! Way to go girls!