Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sand pit and a swim

The thought of using the old, smaller, baby pool as a sand box was great... until it deflated and left us with essentially a sand pit in circular form. But Summer and Chase didn't seem to mind in the slightest. Chase thought the sand was just as yummy as if it was in a regular old sand box! After about the 50th "no eat. play" he seemed to do better. Hopefully he didn't ingest too much by then! Lexi and Skye seemed to have just as much fun as the babies.

Summer and Chase playing in the sand Lexi, Skye, Summer, ChaseSummer and Chase in the sandbox
It was nice to just strip them down and put them in the pool to get all that sand off! Chase seemed to like 'swimming' and Summer was really, kissy, kissy with her Sissy!

Chase Summer Kids in the pool Chase swimmingPhotobucket


Greg & Joanna said...

Good idea on swimming right after the sand pool playing :). They look like they are having fun, we really need to get a small pool and sandbox. I think I'm dragging my feet because of the mess, but it's probably worth it!

Jennifer said...

Looks like the kids had a great time!!!!! Lexi and Skye seem like such good girls and such a big help for you!!!!!!!

Jill said...

what fun for them. :) Your older girls seem like they are so great with the twins!