Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lounging, and sweating, by the pool

I guess I hadn't realized Summer (the season, not the baby) is full on here now! I decided Saturday was a good day, at 2:00 in the afternoon with high sun, to go out in the back yard and get the old blow up pool filled with play sand and get the new blow up pool set up. Wow! Won't make that mistake again for the next 3 months!

We all had a good time but man it was sooooooo darn hot!! We brought a few fans outside and got the stereo turned up. Skye helped me set the pool up and she and Frankie pumped it up with the leg pumper. Then she and Brad drug the sand bags from the garage and filled it with sand, I even got a few bags of green sand to liven things up a little bit. Of course it isn't until all the sand is in, we notice there is a slow leak and the pool is deflating! We'll get to that another day.

Lexi was on baby duty, walking Summer around the yard and letting Chase crawl in the grass. Erik was complaining of the heat and then took Brad and Skye up to the gas station to blow up the 2nd pool with the air compressor. The leg pumper was too much for that one! So we added water from the hose, which is ice cold, and assembly lined buckets of hot water from the kitchen sink. By now it had cooled off a few degrees so since the pool is in the shade we let the babies take a swim. Of course, Skye joined in.

Erik made a good point to let Summer's cut on her nose heal before letting them get in the sand so maybe we'll do that this weekend. Days like this make me wish we had an outdoor shower!

Pool TimePool TimePool TimePool Time


Jill said...

How cute are those pics!!! I'm sorry to hear its so hot already for you!

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about the heat Kristen, it is crazy hot here too!! I think we are in for one hot summer!!!!
Love the pool pics though! Hopefully we can get the boys out this weekend!!!!

The Burger Blog said...

It looks like the kids are having a great time! I love the one of Chase he looks pretty excited.

You have a beautiful family!