Thursday, May 15, 2008

The joy of Little People (and I don't mean Summer and Chase!)

I found a lady nearby who was selling lots of Fisher Price Little People sets. Her kids outgrew them and I got 3 sets plus 5 accessory sets for the price of 1 new set! That was my Mother's Day present to myself, I picked them up on Sunday and Wow.... Summer and Chase are just in love with them!
They both sit and play with them together and separately, they love the little people, well, the actual little people, and the animals and the sounds and music. Right now they are playing with the Pirate Ship and The Shop 'N Learn Market. They both seem to gravitate more towards the market. Chase loves opening and closing the refrigerator door. They like the different food pieces, bananas, milk, cheese. I also got them the Animal Sounds Zoo but am waiting until one day when they are super board to pull that one out.

We also finally installed child proof latches on all of the kitchen cabinets today. Well, Erik did. I'm no good with power tools. I'm not so good with manual tools either, for that matter! So it's nice to let Summer roam around the kitchen without having to tell her 'no-no' every two seconds! I'm thinking in another week I'm going to take down the gate between the living room and the kitchen and just let them have the whole space. I just want to be sure Summer can't get the latches open first. She's figured out almost every single one of the gates we've used so I wouldn't put it past her!!

Today while I was putting Chase in his high chair, I knew the bathroom door was open right next to the kitchen, and said, oh it's just 2 seconds before I pick her up, how much damage can she do? Well, yes, I shouldn't have asked! She got ahold of the toilet paper and how in the world she even knew what to do, but she took it and ran like lightning to the other side of the kitchen! Yep, the whole roll. In 2 seconds the kitchen was covered in toilet paper!! She thought that was a riot. Mommy... not so much.


Jen said...

sounds like you have a very clever little girl on your hands kristen!

Jennifer said...

We LOVE the little people sets too! They have lots of fun with them!!!
Oh, I can only imagine what your kitchen looked like with all that toilet paper!!!!

Jill said...

The little people are great here too! If you come across the Little People Animals A-Z those are great! It is 26 animals each for the letter of the alphabet. N&C love it.
Yikes about the toilet paper. lol