Friday, May 16, 2008

Everyone take their seats!

I have been looking for little trays for Summer and Chase for a few months now. I finally found some at Dollar General the other day and man am I ever glad I got them!! They sit in their boppies each with a tray and have their snacks or watch Baby Einstein or The Wiggles. We do snacks twice a day in the living room and this had made it so much easier and cleaner. When it's not snack or tv time, Summer has taken to turning hers upside down and sitting in it like a recliner but hey, at least she's creative!


Today Chase screamed his way through an entire PT session again. Poor Kristin. He normally loves her so I'm not sure what's going on! He just wanted me right there with him and there was no getting away today. I did hold his hands and help him take steps and walk from the dining room through the kitchen out the patio door onto the concrete slab and into the grass about 6 feet so that was a good trip for him!! It was an impromtue trip to try to get him to do something that resembled PT so we didn't plan ahead with shoes and he wasn't loving the feel of grass on his bare feet. I'm going to have to get him into some other things, like sand, and try to get him used to it. I don't think Summer's ever been in grass or sand barefoot either but I don't think she'll have a problem with it.


Jennifer said...

cute trays! I wouldn't have thougt they were ready for that yet, but we might have to try it out! I have 2 in the closet that DH and I used to use (they aren't mickey!!!:) they are just white!)
Cute pic of the kiddos!

Greg & Joanna said...

That's a good idea on the trays. Summer & Chase seem to be sitting so well at them. I'll have to try that. And poor Chase at therapy. We have moments like that and it feels like there is no PT going on, instead it's a lot of holding. You have your good days and your bad days!

The Hayes Family said...

Those trays are great!

Jill said...

I have a feeling my two would either stand on the trays or throw them across the room. lol Maybe Chase is just going through separation anxiety stage- doesn't that happen around this age?