Thursday, May 22, 2008

I love having true Double Trouble!

Chase is pulling up on everything now. He's always standing at the gate, or at the couch or the ottoman. It's so fantastic to see him moving all over the place and getting into trouble!!! Yesterday I took them both to Walmart and as I loaded a case of diapers into the bottom of the cart and pushed away, I noticed he had no socks and shoes on! He ripped them off and threw them down in about 30 seconds! This was the first time he'd done anything "naughty" like that. Summer ... well she's perfected naughty! LOL.

When we got home, Chase followed me from the living room to the kitchen, I was putting Summer in the high chair first and he pit stopped in the dining room and pulled all the books off the bottom of the book case before I even noticed anything was going on. He was just giggling up a storm waving books in the air! LOL.

Lastly, tonight Summer was giving Buster some of her turkey rolls. I told her firmly "No" and locked my eyes with hers (I've noticed if I keep my eyes on hers and make her turn away she is more apt to listen to my "Nos"). All of a sudden I hear a "thump" and a "Thtop!". Chase had banged his hand on his tray and told me to "stop" telling his sister "No!". Just in case he wasn't clear the first time... he did it again! How can you not laugh at that!

Chase is going next week to be measured to see if he can graduate from his helmet. His head definitely looks better! The orthotist, Jim, says we'll probably be done because even though he may get a little bit more correction, it won't be worth keeping it on and dealing with it. So we'll see.

We also have 15 month appts. next week meaning they'll both have shots. Ugh!! I dread these appointments. I get so stressed out about it and doing it just takes it out of me. I even take them on different days now to try to minimize the stress but it doesn't seem to help enough. It also has been taking 3-4 days for them to recover. It takes a lot to stress me out so I think it's funny that I get so wound up about it, but I do!

They've also perfected the fake cough and are using it constantly. They've figured out that EVERYONE stops EVERYTHING when they cough to make sure they are not choking. Well now they know it's a surefire way to get some attention! I need to start reading them 'The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf'! LOL.


Jill said...

Funny! Both you and Jos's posts mentioned your twins perfecting the fake coughs. ha ha
Chase sounds like he is enjoying his new found freedom moving around! :) If you figure out a way to keep them from tossing food, let me know. I wish there was a wand to wave!

The Hayes Family said...

Too cute! The fake coughing was a big hit around here for a while...also the fake gagging!! LOL!

Greg & Joanna said...

It sounds like Chase is developing quiet the personality. I think it's cute that he was sticking up for summer, what a good brother :). I hope he is able to get the helmet off next week, I remember just being tired of cleaning it and taking it off and on to get them dressed. It was just nice to have one less thing to worry about. I can't wait to hear their stats from their appointment. Hopefully the shots will not affect them too much, I felt like the 15 mo. shots were the easiest so far.