Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Therapy Tuesday

So Chase had two therapy sessions today. His morning early intervention therapist hasn't been here in 2 weeks and she was really, really surprised by his progress!! She hadn't seen him get to a stand yet and he was refusing to even sit this morning. He's also crawling (though not up on his knees) super duper fast, she couldn't believe it. She said he's already met all his goals for the 6 months but isn't due for reevaluation until July. Yay Chase!!

Then he had physical therapy this afternoon. I was so excited after his last PT appt. because Kristin (his PT) had said, because he's made such good progress, he'd probably be going down to 1 hour in a few weeks. Well, the excitment was sort of buzz killed today. She said she wants to talk to his orthatist about him maybe being fitted for braces for his feet/ankles. We talked about it for about a half hour because I really wasn't sure about what it was to help with and how it would make long lasting corrections as opposed to having to be a permanent thing. It's supposed to help him with stability and right now he's putting all his weight on the backs of his feet and it's making his knees lock. In the long run this is going to also make his foot ligaments too loose. We'll see what the Dr. and orthatist say, she said they may say hold off a while or something, but alot of kids with low tone need them.

So after we talk, she could tell I was still a bit hesitant so she asked if I was uncomfortable with the idea of him having to wear braces? I said, uh, Kristin, he's wearing a helmet right now... that doesn't bother me! lol. She was like, oh, duh!

So he may be out of a helmet in a few weeks and right into some leg braces. UGH! I feel like when is my poor Chasey going to get a break!!!


Jennifer said...

Oh, poor Chase! I hope he doens't have to wear them, but I know that you will do whatever it takes!!!!
Sounds like he is making great progress though!!!! Yay Chase!

The Hayes Family said...

Sounds great that he is making progress, but not so great that he might have to wear braces. I know it will all work out!

Jill said...

Awwww. Thats hard to hear as a parent. :( He has really made awesome progress compared to where he was a few months ago. He sounds like he has it in him, just needs the key to unlock his potential. I'm sure he feels loved beyond what he could imagine. You can do anything with love.

Greg & Joanna said...

Poor Chase! I have never heard of the leg braces for that reason. I hope that if you do go ahead with them that it will be a fast and quick duration. He does sound like he's making progress though. It's rough to have to go through this, especially when you see their twin doing all the things they should be doing. But you are doing a great job Kristen and he WILL get it! It's too bad Chase & Brody didn't live closer, they could keep each other in good company.