Monday, May 26, 2008

He moves in mysterious ways!

When Chase was initially developmentally tested, the Drs. said he was 5 months behind in gross motor skills. We've seen that difference between he and Summer for about the past 8 months. But... we also were told it was possible he may not walk or there were larger issues than just a developmental delay. After more testing and even though most of the doctors now say they don't think that's true, it still lingers in the back of your mind.
So now every time Chase does something new; crawls on his knees, pulls to a stand, free stands, I feel the excitement I felt when Summer did the same things for the first time, the excitement of seeing your baby develop, grow and move forward, plus the joy in knowing that Chase is going to be ok and in seeing the glory of God's work right in front of me.
Hey Mommy! Let me out of here!

Summer's clapping YAY for Chase, he didn't used to like this!


Jen said...

Chase sure sounds like he has come a long way, yeah Chase!!!!

Jennifer said...

Yay for Chase!!!! That is awesome Kristen and I know that makes you so proud that he is doing things you thought he might not be able to! Go Chase!