Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Chillin'

Not only do I love it when we get a package from Omaha Steaks from Mom and Dad but Summer and Chase love it too! The coolers the food comes in keep them busy for hours. It's too bad the styrofoam starts to crumble, maybe I could try to shilac them next time?! I don't know... that's a little too 'crafty' for me... Martha Stewart I'm not!
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Summer really likes Buster and Kitty. She's learned how to be real gentle with them, finally! I just LOVE the back of Summer's hair!! It reminds me of Lexi's when she was a baby. Except she was blond.

Summer decided if this spot was good enough for Kitty to crash and take a nap, well it was good enough for her too! --- Notice Kitty's paw sticking out from under Summer's head. She literally was on top of his paw. He didn't seem to mind though. Kitty is a super sweet kitty!
And speaking of super sweet .... Look at Chasey .... isn't he cute!! :-)


Jill said...

Your two are so cute! What a nice little kitty! OUr gray cat, Gideon, is real sweet with N&C. Gives them good practice on how to be gentle to animals. They say kids who are raised with animals tend to be more compassionate.

Greg & Joanna said...

Wow, did summer really nap like that or was she just resting? What a nice cat to let her do that. That is a sweet picture. And Chase looks so happy in those pictures, he is such a cutie!

Jennifer said...

They are so cute!! Summer just looks so sweet and she is a pretty little girl! Love the pic of Chase too! He looks like he is posing and a happy little boy!