Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who's Your Daddy!

Frankie has had a transformational few weeks! A year ago he had been home from rehab just 3 months, just had surgery on a broken hip, was unable to get in/out of bed by himself, had trouble remembering and naming all the kids, was not always sure where we lived, was unable to remember probably 50% of his life prior to the accident, had short term memory of approx. 5 minutes, was unable to do daily living things on his own (showering, preparing meals, etc.) and was doing PT and OT 8 times a week. Other than therapy, which I forced him to do, he wanted to sleep or stay in bed the rest of the day. He was still in a hospital bed and required 24x7 hour care.

Just a month ago he was talking much more, initiating more, remembered the kids, usually remembered where we lived unless he was tired, was able to help around the house, set the table, fold clothes, shower on this own, etc. It was still all I could do to get him to wake up though. He also didn't like going outside or on trips very much.

Fast forward to this week, he seems to be remembering things alot longer, even some things from day to day, he has more energy, he's more engaged, he's laughing more, interacting with the babies more, wanting to help me out and wanting to go out. All good things! Very good things!!!

Here's a few pics of Daddy playing with Summer. He just grabbed her, pulled her up to his lap and started playing with her. That was a first! For further information on the lack of hair on Frankie's head, please refer to previous post from May 12, 2008 :-)
Hey! Wait a minute, he's my Daddy too!
Thanks Grandma E for the new outfit! Do you like how I look in the cranky rhino shirt!! Aren't I cute? My Mommy sure thinks so!!


Jennifer said...

Oh Kristen, that made me so happy for you to read this post! The pics of Frankie and Summer almost made me cry!!! I know that warms your heart!!!!!!!!
I pray that he continues to make great progress!!!!!

Jill said...

That is fabulous Kristen! I too pray that he continues to surprise you with his progress and be able to be a big part of Summer, Chase, Lexi and Skye's lives. I just can only imagine how hard it would be if this happened to Jason (my DH). Makes me think about how all the little annoying things I would even miss.

The Hayes Family said...

YAY!! That is awesome! It looks like Frankie is so happy playing with Summer! So glad he is feeling better these days!!

Greg & Joanna said...

That is so awesome Kristen! Reading his progress is just a miracle, I'm so happy for you guys! I love the picture of him laughing with Summer, that is so precious.