Thursday, August 14, 2008

The musings of a toddler mind

Pic 1) What box? Who cares about a box? I'm watching a lawn mower!
Pic 2) Hmmm Summy sure makes that box look kind of fun!
Pic 3) Let's see if this walking stuff will get me that box!

Pic 4) Oh no, gotta' balance, gotta' balance....
Pic 5) Hey! This walking stuff DID get me that box!
Pic 6) Climb aboard!

Pic 1) Who cares about a big old box anyway. This basket of clean clothes looks WAY more fun!!
Pic 2) I wonder why Mama just moves this stuff around in her hands. It's way more fun putting it all around your neck!
Pic 3) Maybe I can put this on my head if it won't fit around my neck?

Pic 4) Not quite what I had in mind!
Pic 5) Help! I'm being eaten alive by my sister's panties!

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