Monday, August 4, 2008

One scary sitcom

You know when you don't work or the kids aren't in school it really makes the weekends so unimportant. I'm trying to figure out what we did this weekend and it's a blurr. I started sneezing last night and have a soar throat this morning so who knows where I caught a cold from but I guess that's why my mind is in a funk. I can't remember the last time I brought a cold to the kids instead of the other way around, but I'm crossing my fingers it stays with me.

One thing I do remember about this weekend (and boy would Skye ever kill me if she knew I wrote this on the blog!) but Skye started wearing a bra! lol My skinny-mini Skye wearing a bra!! Oi vay!

Saturday we did some errands including buying a few new shirts for the girls for school. We went to the library and stayed for almost 2 hours, Summer and Chase tolerated it much better than last time but it took the constant movement of the stroller to keep them happy. I got 4 books on raising toddlers and twins and renewed The Appeal by Grisham. L&S each got two books from their summer reading lists, S&C got two books each and Elmopalooza on DVD. Then we went to Once Upon a Child where we bought a potty chair and an electric car (pics of that later) so we were tired by then and ready to head home. Until we drove past a Plato's Closet.

I didn't know we had one, it must be new, so Lexi and I jumped out of the car and ran in by ourselves real quick. It's consignment for teens/adults, if you don't have one near you. So I grabbed two shirts for Skye which were really cute (she's very hard to shop for being a tomboy and all) while Lexi tried some on. The t's I picked for Skye were the type you get at Abercrombie or Aeropostle, form fitting. She LOVED them but since she usually wears big, baggy tshirts she was a little surprised by the fact things weren't so perfectly flat in the tighter shirts!

Then Sunday we were all in the car on our way to Sam's Club (in other words, a diaper, wipes and gas run) and she said, "Mom do I look different to you?" I said, do you mean in general or just right at this second. She said, in general, I feel like I'm starting to look different. I had to laugh, because that very morning she came running in the house and I looked at her as she flew by and BAM! I was so surprised by how different she looked! Her face is fuller, she's looking more girlish, her hair looked nice. I said, yeah I had noticed the same thing. She asked why and I said, well you're starting puberty and the hormones and everything are making changes. She said, "Darnit! That's what Lexi said and I told her she was wrong!"

She's obviously not thrilled about the idea, but neither am I really. Two girls going through puberty at the same time, I mean we knew years ago this day would come... but add two toddlers and a disabled husband to the mix and they couldn't write a scarier sit-com if they tried!!


Jennifer said...

Oh, what a sweet mother/daugher moment!!!!! Thats cute!!!!

Sounds like you had a busy weekend!!!!! I don't know how you do it Kristen!!!!! You amaze me!

The Burger Blog said...

Awww! That is bittersweet, she is growing up. I'm cracking up that Lexi told her and she thought she was wrong.