Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sprinklin' fun!

We had some fun in the sprinklers this week. Lexi and Skye had some friends over and we all played in the front yard. We need a new hose though, I didn't realize we had a big gaping hole in it and the whole side yard flooded while we were playing in the front. Ooops!

Chase really loves water right now. He could have played all day in and with the sprinkler! He loved the fountain last weekend, loves baths. Summer is ok with it, but she's not fascinated like Chase is. She likes to get a quick douse and run around. She's even now lifting her foot over the side of the tub and saying "get out" after just a few minutes of her bath. Last year at this time she was the one who loved water and Chase was not at all happy with it, especially at the pool. Funny how quickly things change!


jennbecc said...

Cute Kristen! We haven't tried the sprinkler yet, only the pool. Thanks for the idea!

Jill said...

So fun! We should try the sprinkler today! We have done the hose, but thats it. :) Good idea!