Friday, August 1, 2008

A surprisingly pleasant Baby's Day Out

Since it's been 212 degrees for the past month (if not raining) and gas prices have been so crazy, we've really been cooped up in the house. Now with my brother out of town, it's been even harder to get out. So today I had to go to Daniel Island to sign some papers so I decided to make a day of it with the whole family. I thought if we went towards the water we could catch a breeze... and boy we sure did! It was so beautiful!!

We went to Patriot's Point for a picnic lunch by the marina and where the USS Yorktown and all the Navy planes, helicopters, etc. are. Summer and Chase ate hash and rice and peas and ran around in the grass for a while. Skye of course loved looking at the military things and is hoping she can go back for a tour of the Yorktown soon.

We then drove downtown to Waterfront Park where they chased pigeons and played in the huge water fountain. S&C didn't love the water at first but after watching Lexi and Skye they got brave and then didn't want to get out! I even talked Frankie into getting a little wet in it too!

When it was time to leave I convinced Summer to go with me so we could look for more pigeons or 'bips' as she calls them. We walked about 6 blocks to the car and she held my hand the whole way. Awwww!! We then drove back to pick up Frankie, Lexi, Skye and Chase. S&C were both fine when it was time to go, no tantrums! And that was after having missed nap too!

We then went to Daniel Island and drove around touring for an extra 45 minutes. S&C were patient and content singing toddler songs. I'd never been to Daniel Island before and was surprised at how beautiful it was!! It reminded me so much of Palm Beach Gardens and especially the Abacoa, Jupiter area.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well Summer and Chase did today. I hope it wasn't a fluke and we're able to have another pleasant day out again soon. Too bad I left the camera at home on the charger!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you had a great day out with the babies! Those days are always so nice!!!! Sounds like a fun day!