Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're back!!

I've finally fixed the computer and am able to download pictures again ... yay!! I guess it's been a few months so I've just been storing the pics on the memory card. Tonight there were 568 pictures to download! As if that wasn't crazy enough ... I still don't have one really good one of Summer and Chase together!

Here are a few pics I quickly picked out so you can see how much S & C have changed and grown these past few months.

Summer and Chase

In the Wagon

Look at the birds Mama!


Skye and Chase

Summer dumping her snack
Summer has taken to creating messes.

Just so she can get out a broom, dust mop or vacuum & clean up!

Summer cleaning
Time to clean up!

This is hard work!
This is hard work!

Chase is just as happy just playing with his messes.


Carry said...

S&C look so big! I'm glad that you got your computer fixed. That was a lot of pictures to download but it fantastic that you took so many!

The Hayes Family said...

You've been tagged!! Go to my last post to find out what you are supposed to do!

Brooke said...

I love Summer's hair back like that, so cute!

jennbecc said...

Summer is such a cutie! Look at her clean up! They are getting soooo big!